The Importance of Google Reviews: How You Can Have Powerful Advantages (Plus Why Businesses Should Care)

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Finding Paint Services Company near you or any other businesses that can cater to your needs may not be as simple as you think. We know for a fact that Google greatly helps us be connected with many businesses and possible solutions online. You only need to type in the question (or in most cases, you can simply use keywords) and then presto – a page-full list of Google results! But how does Google plays a role in your business' digital marketing efforts across the globe?


What Makes Google Reviews Important?

Google is almost always the first place a person goes to for any inquiries and needs. It is the most used and quite popular search engine; thus establishing the term –"Google it!" which you can often hear whenever someone is in doubt or looking for answers.

There are many online platforms (which are constantly growing in numbers) during this digital age. Big and small businesses take advantage of these platforms as marketing tools primarily to build their brand's reputation and to be placed at the most coveted first-page ranking list of Google. By acquiring better Google ranking equates to better chances of generating website traffic; and once businesses effectively harness such immense power of influence, you can have a significant advantage against your competitors. You wouldn't want to miss the following opportunities:

  • Improve your Visibility

  • Acquire a Wider Reach on your Audience

  • Generate More Leads

  • Increase Engagement

  • Drive Website Traffic

  • Increase your Industry Authority

Although there are other SEO elements you can utilize, you should never underestimate the influence of great quality and quantity of Google reviews!


Benefits your Business Can Get From Google Reviews

Business listings are scanned by many potential customers and clients at almost every millisecond. How confident are you with your business' online presence and ranking? Here are the factors that further explain why you should have care for them and the "returns" of your investments on Google Reviews.


It Makes You Easier to Find

Google's algorithm is designed to determine a trusted source of information and services. There are billions of searches per month and surely you would want the people to see and be aware of your business brand. Basically, the higher percentage on consumer's familiarity with your brand, they are more likely to be receptive and convert their actions to leads.

Google reviews are important indicators of your business performance, and by acquiring stellar reviews can place your business higher in Google's SERPs (or Search Engine Result Pages). The reviews and star ratings also visually present your business' authority in your specific industry. Like for example if you are a Sydney Commercial Painters Service, the reviews left by your valued customers will also build your business' reputation matching proximity, and Geo-location settings aligned with users' search intent. This further grants your business to be searched by more potential customers and clients with ease!


It Makes You Trustworthy

Being in one of the recommended Google results is essentially beneficial to your business. In your pursuit of expanding your online presence, accumulating genuine reviews of your business and services improves your reputation which later on becoming an undisputable marketing strategy to attract more potential customers and clients.

According to many research studies, people are more inclined to be influenced by statements or testimonials of previous customers. Any reviews coming from an unbiased third party can be a powerful influence in regarding purchasing a product or hiring a service. In fact, in one of the marketing studies, around 88% of people consult and check first with reviews before making their purchase. Meanwhile, 63% of consumers are proven to have made the purchase from businesses with customer reviews.

Customer reviews grant credibility to your business, which naturally attracts more clicks. And by generating more website traffic, you can transform them into effective ammunition to boost your Google ranking. That is why you would want to have strong social proof that your product or service is indeed trustworthy. Simply put, consumers trust more the businesses that Google trusts!


It Showcases Who You Really Are

When it comes to confirming the superior quality of a business service and results that are indeed satisfying, you can grasp what kind of message a business wanted to convey to you as customers and clients.

Google reviews enable real-time testimonials to be posted on their specific business websites. This also prompts a chance to monitor customer insights and feedback. Whether it is a positive review or negative, you can be flexible in making use of its full purpose – and that is to acquire enough knowledge and invaluable information for your reputation management. You can responsibly take the reviews and further strengthen your service like offering a way to right the wrong, thank the customers, add more personal touch that your customers will surely appreciate as well as to entice them to come back and hire your service again! However, in case your business gets bad reviews, it is best recommended to take action with a well-planned strategy because it is crucial for your online reputation.

Responding to the reviews also builds transparency and trusting relationships with your customers while showcasing how your business values the target market and the level of commitment towards a satisfactory service for every customer!

There are many SEO practices and a fair share of digital marketing tips for your business to rank better on Google. However, it is a great investment for your business to meticulously care for Google reviews due to its' influential power to increase website traffic as well as specifically and globally target your audience. It is evident that establishing strong and positive Google reviews do help in granting your business better search rankings and guarantees that your overall SEO efforts are not for naught.

It's about time to expand your business's ability to understand what your audience wants, hear your target's voice, and manage all the reviews so you can cultivate it effectively more than just a marketing boost to stand out against the competition!


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