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5 personal training tips to get you through lockdown

  • Written by Flow Athletic

Lockdown can be challenging for a number of reasons, including the inability to be able to visit gyms and fitness studios. Not being able to physically train in a gym or studio may be challenging for a lot of people due to a number of reasons such as space, lack of guidance and even lack of motivation. Here are 5 tips from personal trainer and director of Flow Athletic Ben Lucas to help you workout through lockdown:


Structure your day


Structuring your day can be an easy tip to help you stay motivated with your workouts. Ensuring you plan to dedicate either 30 minutes or 60 minutes of your time to physical activity can help motivate people to make sure their at least getting some type of exercise into their days. Setting a friendly alarm to help remind you to workout can also be helpful for people who are working or tend to forget.


Write down your goals


Although this tip may sound simple and infective, its actually one of the greatest ways to keep your motivation running. Ensuring you set yourself fitness goals per week whether that be how many workouts you undertake or how many steps you do can help increase your dedication and can keep your spirits high at the end of the week once you have achieved them all.


Make the most of online workouts


Naturally with the closure of studios and gyms, most of these businesses are looking to an online platform to keep their consumers engaged and active. Don't be afraid to join an online group class or trying something you don't usually do. This will keep you feeling apart of a community whilst providing you some guidance for your next workout.


Use your house


Whilst most of us don't have access to gyms and don't have an appropriate home gym set up it can be challenging to undertake some of your favourite equiptment based workouts. Using features around your house might be an interesting way to keep your workouts creative and effective. For example, using your driveway for interval running might be an option or even using your stairs to as a step up platform can be a creative way to substitute any equipment you may not have.


Try something new


Are you the type of person who only attends the gym for the weights or the cardio? Lockdown may be the perfect time for you to try something new and undertake some classes or workouts you may not usually do. Pilates and yoga in particular are a great class to try during the lockdown as it not only provides a physical workout however assists in the calming of your mind and soul.


Written by: Flow Athletic

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