Swatch Releases The Great Wave off Kanagawa watch in Collaboration with Louvre Abu Dhabi

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For lovers of alternate watch designs, Swatch has set the tone of their new art journey range, with the Swiss watchmaker Swatch demonstrating they can make time stand still with its new collaboration with its standout collaboration with Louvre Abu Dhabi with the creation of ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’an and Astrolabe artifact by Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Battuti.

Swatch are challenging the notions of time, producing a modern twist of time, by utilising the iconic Japanese artwork by Katsushika Hokusai, whom of which was 60 years of age in his creation of his artwork; and the work as the renowned sophisticated Astrolabe artifact by Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Battuti.

The partnership of Swatch and the Museum is integral to both parties as stated by Louvre Abu Dhabi Director, Manuel Rabate, that these series of watches to come are ‘truly outstanding… and are testament to the limitless potential of art.’

The imagery of the watch work together to create a unique experience for watch owners with the artwork and artifacts working simultaneously in order to help Individuals tell the time of day, the wave is used to demonstrate day and night-time, the Prussian blue tones of Hokusai’s art with the deeper part of the wave on the left side and the whitewash on the right, along with elements from Astrolabe - a marvel of mankind, flat projection of a night sky used to help calculate the position of the stars and determine the exact time of day, demonstrating how ancient and modern methods of time telling can work cohesively and can be regarded as a “great tribute to analogue culture”, Carlo Giordanetti, the chief executive of Swatch Art Peace Hotel believes.

This timeless masterpiece for your wrist is now available in store and online. The complete Swatch Art Journey Collection features 10 Gent and New Gent watches inspired by the works of infamous artists and museums across the globe.

To shop the collection head to

Image: Watch design collaboration by Swatch and Louvre Abu Dhab



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