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Top 5 Traditions that Every Australian Follows on Their Birthday

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Birthdays are one of the red letter days in everyone’s life. We all wait eagerly for our birthdays to come each year. And it is such an amazing day, that places have specific traditions on this day. One place where the birthday traditions are world famous is Australia. The Aussies have their own customs and ways of celebrating birthdays which are famous around the whole world. And no we don’t just get to see each other on a Koala mattress with a latex pillow, there are some rituals that they believe if not followed, keeps their birthdays incomplete. Here are top 5 traditions that every Australian follows on their birthdays.

Happy Birthday Wishing in a Style

Australians are no less than the English people. Hey do not have any special language or term for wishing birthdays. All they do is they wish the birthday by uttering the golden words ‘Happy Birthday’. If it is the kid’s birthday, she/he s about to eat a special dish named ‘Fairy Bread’ which popular snack is made of buttered bread with sprinkles known as hundreds and thousands. Such uniqueness lies when it is a traditional celebration of Australian birthday. In Australia, the weather is never too cold, nor too hot; so the birthdays are always celebrated in a more comfortable ways with the traditions.

2) Australian Birthday parties are barbeques

Due to the special climate, the tradition of Australian birthday parties are a little different from the others. Whenever you talk about an Australian birthday party, something spicy is always there in their dish. And the Australian birthday party is not at all complete without the barbeques. If you are fortunate enough to attend a birthday party in Australia, you will find out eventually, how many things on this earth can be served being barbequed. From pork to fish to chicken to mutton to broccolis- they have the best barbeque parlor in the world.

3) 21st birthday is a very Special

21st birthday is always the most special birthdays for everyone in every country. And so in Australia, there is a special tradition of celebrating this year birthday party. And the ideal ideas lie in the gift of the 21st birthday celebrations. In Australia, turning to 21 means one is adult. It is symbolic gift to a 21st year old boy or girl to give the key of their house to them. It is a tradition with intense meaning. This means the girl or the boy is given the freedom to stay indie the home as much as she wants and also to allow him/her to stay as long as she desires to be outside the house. If you are far away, then you can send birthday gifts to Australia, the keys through online sites.

4) Fairy Bread

As in the first point mentioned, kid’s birthday in Australia is the most mesmerizing one. On the birthday, every kid according to a tradition has to consume a special food. It is called the ‘Fairy Bread’. It looks like as dreamy as it sounds like. It is the most traditional food in the Australian cuisine for birthdays. It is made of buttered bread but with sprinkles spread all over it. The sprinkles are also special, named as ‘hundreds and thousands’. You can get this special birthday dish for anyone if you order from online cake delivery in Australia sites.

5) Gift Exchanging in Birthday

Providing gifts to your beloved on their birthdays is a very common and known tradition around the whole world. But, Australia walks a little extra mile to add some uniqueness to their celebrations of birthdays. They arrange for exchanging gifts. You as a guest in an Australian birthday party will always come back home with a gift in your hand, a token of thank you gift. They believe that lending and achieving is related to each other, the more you lend, the more you will receive. It does not matter how small, big, cheap or expensive gift it is, everyone received the same exchange gift so that none is judged on the basis of their budget. Such an act is very humane and grateful.

There are many things to know around the whole world that one life is not enough. So, above are the most special ways of celebrating birthdays in Australia.

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