Here’s Our List of the Coolest Racing Cars of 2020

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2020 surely did come with some of the coolest and exceptional cars on the market, even though we had a pandemic to deal with. Are you really aware of what has been rocking the automobile in 2020? A Google search of the best 2020 cars will shock you, what with all the amazing designs.

The abundance of cars in 2020 brought variety and a broad selection, meaning that automobile fanatics were a bit uptight when it came to selection because they were just so many to choose from, just like the abundance enjoyed by gamblers in terms of real money online casino game releases.

Let us look at some of the elite selection of cars from 2020.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

Mercedes has been on the radar for quite a long time and 2020 was another year of brilliance. 2020 came one of the best race cars from the German maker. You will surely enjoy the ride with the Mercedes AMG GT Black Series. A very modern and advanced piece of machinery that is like no other. Comes with 720p and turbo feature that is exceptional.

Ferrari SF90 Spider

For all those Ferrari lovers, please go back to 2020 and check out this excite. The Ferrari SF90 Spider is exceptional, coming with 1000p and 0-62mhp speed of 2.5 seconds, you would not ask for more. This Ferrari was truly top-notch.

McLaren 765 LT

McLaren was not left behind as they came to the party in 2020. If you are following the McLaren Long Tail series, you will discover that this is one of the best so far. With a 4 liter V8 set, what more can you ask for. According to best US online casino, many high rollers in the US buy this car after scooping massive jackpots.

This masterpiece is able to reach 62mph in 2.7 seconds, a record that continues to hold much ground. It is a perfect piece that comes with 765p. McLaren has been producing wonderful pieces of automobiles but this one stands out. It is a great foundation for the upcoming editions.

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