Muscle Nation extends national distribution partnership with Coles

  • Written by Gentlemen

Muscle Nation, one of Australia's fastest growing activewear, health food and supplement brands, has  announced an exciting new extension to its national partnership with Coles supermarkets, adding 13 new products to shelves across Australia.

The 13 new products bring the total number of Muscle Nation products in Coles to 23, firmly cementing its position across Australia on Coles’ health food shelves, alongside international household brands like Aussie Bodies, BSC, Bounce and Musashi. The new products include an expansion of flavours across the Muscle Nation Custard® protein bars and powder range, along with new products including protein water, pancakes, jelly and more.

Muscle Nation first launched into Coles in June 2021 and has since achieved phenomenal success with products selling out within days and subsequently being announced as the winner of the Coles Product launch of the Year 2021.

The full list of products to be stocked are as follows:

Custard Plant Protein Bar - Choc Hazelnut 50g                   $4.50 RRP

Custard Plant Protein Bar - Banana Toffee 50g                   $4.50 RRP

Custard Protein Bar - Birthday Cake 60g                             $4.50 RRP

Custard Protein Bar - 5 Pack - Choc Fudge Brownie 60g    $17.00 RRP

Protein Cookie Custard Filled - Double Choc 65g                $6.00 RRP

Protein Blondie - Cookies & Cream 65g                               $6.00 RRP

Protein Water Powder - Raspberry 300g                              $32.00 RRP

Custard Casein Protein Powder - Golden Ice Cream 440g  $32.00 RRP

Custard Plant Protein Powder - Salted Caramel 440g         $32.00 RRP

Whey Protein Powder - Milk Chocolate 300g                       $32.00 RRP

Protein Pancakes - Original 200g                                         $10.00 RRP

Protein Jelly - Raspberry 30g                                                $4.50 RRP

Protein Jelly - Lime 30g                                                        $4.50 RRP   

The Muscle Nation Custard®️ protein bars are made in Australia and the protein powders are packaged in pouches rather than the usual tubs which in turn uses less plastic.

Nathaniel Anthony and Chris Anastasi, co-founders at Muscle Nation, said, “We are thrilled to be introducing 13 new products into Coles and extending our long term national distribution partnership. It’s been less than a year since we first launched into Coles and the response to our products has truly been overwhelming. We are really grateful to our Muscle Nation community for helping make this partnership a success.

“The opportunity to develop exclusive product lines for Coles is a real joy and we‘re not stopping here. Our team is committed to constantly evolving what we have to offer and we have some great things in the pipeline.”

Coles General Manager for Grocery, Leanne White, said, “Muscle Nation launched seven products with Coles in June 2021 including three innovative Custard Proteins and four Custard Protein Bars, all exclusive to Coles”.

“We could've never anticipated the level of excitement that we saw amongst our customers and also our team members at the launch. Even before the range review had been implemented, Coles team members were posting all over Instagram about seeing one of their favourite brands, Muscle Nation in their storeroom. Health and well-being have never been more important to our customers and Muscle Nation is helping us to deliver on a ‘health in every aisle’ strategy through innovation and landing exciting products such as the Custard Protein Bar Range”.

“Our partnership with this Brisbane based brand has really helped us to expand our reach. With over a third of the sales since launch coming from new customers to health foods, including a high proportion of young customers.”

Muscle Nation started in 2016 from a spare room in cofounder Chris Anastasi’s home and has grown to become one of Australia’s hottest health & lifestyle brands with $51million in revenue for FY 20/21, up 89% YoY. Operating out of a warehouse in Brisbane, this family run business now employs over 80 full and part time staff, many of whom started out as part of the online Muscle Nation community. In the past twelve months the company has been recognised with several prestigious awards including coming in at #35 on the Australian Financial Review’s FAST STARTERS LIST 2021, #9 in the 2021 SmartCompany Smart50 Awards and winning the overall Retail Champion category.

Muscle Nation proudly donates to their charity partners, including Australians for Mental Health, NAIDOC Week, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Royal Children’s Hospital, ANTaR and Black Lives Matter and sponsorship of sports and nutrition initiatives.

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