How to Clean Dirt From the Bottom of a Pool Without Hiring Help

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One of the hardest parts of maintaining the cleanliness of a pool is cleaning the dirt accumulated at the bottom. The go-to remedy of pool owners is to hire professionals to do the work for them. A lot of them spend tons of money on this. But, you can do it on your own. Here’s how you can clean dirt from the bottom of a pool without hiring help:

Drain Some but Not All Water

First thing first, you should drain the water from your pool. But remember this, do not drain every ounce of water because this might cause your pool to experience a sudden change of pressure and pop out. Leave enough water to ensure that this will not happen. This being said, you should clean the water left using solutions that are available in the market.

Use a Pool Vacuum

So to remove the dirt from the bottom of the pool, you can use a pool vacuum and manually lead the same to suck everything up. This is a very satisfying thing to do because you will notice the sudden change in the pool floor. But, this is a very tiring thing to do because you will manually drag heavy machinery across the corners of your pool.

Let a Robot Pool Cleaner Do the Work

If you don't want to tire yourself manually vacuuming the bottom of your pool, invest in a robot pool cleaner or an automatic swimming pool cleaner. This kind of technology is one of the best things created especially for pool owners. All you need to do is to plug the long cable of the same and let it suck all the dirt from the pool floor and at the same time, filter and circulate the water.

In making sure the bottom of your water is clean, you should not just focus on vacuuming the same. There are various ways how you can prevent the fine dust and dirt from sinking like the following:

Backwashing the Filter

You need to constantly wash the filter of the pool to ensure its cleanliness. Remember that before the dirt can accumulate on the pool floor, they will go through the filter first. And by making sure that the filter is working well, you will not worry about doing too much work in the future.

Skim Floating Debris

To keep the pool clean, you can also skim floating debris like dried leaves and sometimes, dead insects from the pool. Make sure to clean the tool that you will use to avoid putting more dirt into the pool.

Pumping Your Pool Twice a Day

Lastly, you need to make your pool pump water twice a day to circulate the same and ensure that it is in its tip-top shape. This is necessary when you have constant visitors at home and they love swimming in your pool.

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