5 Things to Avoid in Adelaide

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There's always something to look forward to in Adelaide. Equipped with a crowded events calendar and some of the country's top restaurants and tiny bars, Adelaide proves to be one unmatched tourist destination. Culture, flavors, events, and entertainment abounds in Adelaide. Relish in award-winning restaurants at the heart of Adelaide or sample world-renowned wine vineyards only minutes from the city. On top of that, you can find some of the best casinos online, available 24/7.

Adelaide is the world's opal capital, with beautiful stones from South Australian mines, exclusively sold there. Hike the Mt. Lofty Ranges and catch a wave off the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula. Indulge your adventurous palette by visiting neighboring wine areas such as the fabled Barossa Valley and purchasing a delectable drinkable keepsake. With so much to do, what are some things you should avoid when in Adelaide?

Don’t Be Pressured To Tip

As a country, Australia is known for its impressive minimum wage scheme. Therefore, to a large extent, the service industry isn't based on tips, unlike other parts of the world. If someone serviced you with impeccable craftsmanship, by all means, tip them, but don't feel obliged to do so. For the most part, restaurants and cafes operate on a self-serve basis, except for high-end ones. Simply put, you approach the counter, place an order, and pick it up when it's ready; no need to leave a tip.

No Protection From The Sun

In this region of the world, the sun may be very harsh. In just ten minutes in the summer heat, you can have third-degree burns. Don't take any chances — use sunscreen and try to keep clear of the sunshine. Staying hydrated is also crucial since nothing compares to a serious case of Aussie dehydration. It's similar to having the worst hangover you've ever had, except it may necessitate hospitalization.

Avoid Staying in The Suburbs

Getting about in Adelaide can prove to be hectic if you stay in the wrong place. Unless you've leased a car or hired a chauffeur, you might feel isolated. Staying near a rail or tram line, where you can count on consistent and dependable service, is your best chance. Even buses throughout the day in certain places might be hit or miss.

Beware of sharks

With over 126 sightings in October last year, Adelaide is one of the few places where the sea is a typical habitat for many shark species. Other than that, South Australia provides a diverse range of diving opportunities, as well as an abundance of wildlife. There are several uncharted reefs to uncover as well as numerous historic wrecks to examine. Secluded bays teem with life, and jetty dives are many and varied.

Adelaide is blessed with pleasant winters and hot, dry summers. In the seasons of spring and autumn, the average temperature is lovely, and rainfall is rare. Winter may be quite chilly, with June being the wettest month of the year, on average. Plan your trip according to your favorite season, avoid these fatal mistakes, and you're sure to enjoy one unforgettable trip.

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