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How COVID started the boom in new local Australian t-shirt brands

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After all major clothes manufacturing hubs were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, local Australian t-shirt brands saw an opportunity to attract onshore customers who normally wear imported clothes. Though apparel factories got closed during the pandemic, the long-term viability of apparel manufacturing in Australia was not threatened.


Despite the adverse circumstances that the pandemic brought, the clothing industry in Australia managed to stay afloat keep the #LovedClothesLast movement alive. The pandemic engendered an unexpected halt in apparel manufacturing in Australia. In certain apparel manufacturing centers of Australia including Sydney, apparel factories struggled to stay open during the first half of 2021. The first half of 2021 is marked as the most vulnerable period for the Australian clothing industry. However, the industry started to revive in mid-May, 2021. Since then, the industry has had an upward trajectory with several sectors doing better than the others. Some sectors of the Australian apparel industry weren't hit severely by the pandemic e.g. t-shirt brands.


Though garment manufacturing was stopped for months in many parts of Australia, the reserves helped many businesses to stay out of debt. The t-shirt reserves that apparel manufacturers had mostly contained plain t-shirts that were sold to print-on-demand startups and local Aussie t-shirt brands at lower costs. The manufacturers were merely trying to stay afloat by selling t-shirts at lower prices. However, this engendered an unprecedented boom in the local Australian t-shirts market. Many clothing startups leveraged this opportunity to boost their sales. Though the rapid economic growth of the local apparel market is attributable to many factors, the most significant factor was the drop in prices. Additionally, the market demand for custom t-shirts grew considerably during the pandemic.


The increased demand for custom t-shirts during the pandemic is attributable to social campaigns initiated during the pandemic. People wanted custom t-shirts with different slogans printed on them. T-shirts became a means of expression for the Australian people to advocate for different causes. Local t-shirt brands capitalized on this market opportunity to maximize sales. Additionally, a great number of new t-shirt brands were launched in the local Australian clothing market, with most of them offering screen printing services.


During the lockdown, all local industries in Australia had a massive inrush of startups as people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and went into the market on their own. The apparel industry was hit by an inundation of startups at the beginning of 2021. However, only the best ones have managed to stay afloat and flourish.


When it comes to wardrobes, Australia has an endless depth of diverse creative talent. The apparel industry of Australia is resting a plethora of talent within its shores. The creative ecosystem of the country is growing vigorously with the emergence of new local Australian t-shirt brands.

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