Side Opening Shipping Containers – Uses and Benefits

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Shipping containers usually open on the ends, but the side opening shipping container is a very useful and practical configuration when it comes to modifications for shipping containers. Having a container open from the side seems so simple, but it is an option that offers storage security while being completely functional. What are the uses and benefits of side opening shipping containers?

Side opening shipping containers are identical to regular end opening shipping containers except that they have doors on the sides in addition to the doors on the ends of the container. These doors allow access to the entire side of the shipping container. These side opening containers are usually available in 10-, 20- and 40-foot sizes.

What are the Best Uses for Side Opening Shipping Containers?

When you have doors on the side of a shipping container, it is extremely helpful, and these are some of the best uses for those style of container:

  • * Long-Term Storage – the side opening container is ideal for storage, particularly when you need to store bulky items that you want to access quickly without much effort. If you need to use a container for a long period of time you can often pack the container without thinking too far into the future as to what you may need to access first, when the need arises. When your container opens on the side, you can access anything stored inside easily.

  • * Home, Restaurant or Retail use – shipping containers are much more attractive these days as the price of building materials continues to rise. These containers are ideal for conversion into a store, bar or a restaurant. The side opening container offers many different options for entry and exit. The door hardware is already installed so the container can be easily converted to a modern looking building with a large glass front or a large commercial sliding door.

  • * Shipment – these containers are constructed from high quality steel and so they can be used for transport across the ocean or land, depending on what you need them for. You know that they are well constructed so they will stand up to transport and they are widely popular, so it is easy to accessorize them.

What are the Main Benefits of Side Door Shipping Containers?

  • * Side door shipping containers are easy to load and unload. Their side access means that you can access any part of the load without having to unload the container from the front or back to get to items in the middle. If you need to unload pallets, the side door access makes it simple for a forklift to get into the container.

  • * You will be able to store larger items inside of the container. If your items have an unusual shape, you may not be able to load them into a regular container. Side opening containers make it simpler for you to get those odd-shaped items into a container. It also makes it simple to load more items into the container at one time with a forklift.

  • * You will be able to access your container more easily. Regular containers only allow access from the ends, but a container that opens in the middle makes it simple to see what is inside and get to it.

  • * Highly functional – side doors increase the usability of your container and offer you many different options for use. If you want to construct a store or a restaurant, the side opening makes it easy for customers to get inside and access your store or restaurant more easily.

When you think about the possibilities and the ease of use of these containers, it makes them an ideal item for a wide range of uses. We have only listed a few of those uses in this article, but you could probably think of many more. The shipping container is versatile for business and personal use and a lot of people like them because they are cost effective. If you were to build a similar building that was the same size and shape as a shipping container, it would be much more expensive. The other great feature of shipping containers is that they are in high demand, so if you decide that you no longer need your shipping container, you can sell it back to a shipping container company, they would be happy to take it off your hands. Containers are easy to move, great to use and always ready for you when you need to store items or need retail space.

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