Body Building

Why water is the new weights

  • Written by HydroCore

The great thing about working out is that it can be as successful and as creative as you make it to be. Traditionally with gym and studio workouts you may have a trainer guiding your performance and exercises however especially in recent times with lockdown’s consumers are forced to take their workouts into their own hands.

As we move into warmer months, we start to see more people take to the outdoors to get in their physical activity for the day. Training outside can offer a handful of benefits including fresh air, vitamin D and most importantly room for creativity. Training outdoors allows consumers the freedom to train wherever they want, swapping up each day with a new environment or atmosphere can create a real sense of determination.

Naturally, people use parks and beaches to run, jog or even walk as their daily intake of physical exercise. Although this is a cult favourite amongst many consumers for a quick cardio fix, working out effectively especially outdoors has never been so easy with portable fitness equipment’s on the market such as HydroCore.

Leaving the heavy equipment at the gym and the weights at home, the HydroCore is unique in its potential as it offers the opportunity to build strength, stability and balance using the power of water dynamics. All in the convenience of one bag that you can wear around your body during the workout, this product makes it a training tool that consumers can fold up and take anywhere with them at any time with no heavyweights necessary.

Written by: HydroCore

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