How Is Gen Z Changing The Future Of Gaming And Esports?

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Over the last two decades, games have moved from a favoured classical form of enjoyment to the pinnacle of entertainment as we know it.

Games are a part of life for most people but a way of life for many young consumers. While the majority of consumers still prefer to watch TV and movies at home, games are the most popular media and entertainment activity for Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2006.

The appeal of the game is beyond generations. 87% of Generation Z, 83% of Millennials, and 79% of Generation X play video games on their smartphones, game consoles, and computers at least every week, if not daily.

This proves just how impactful Gen Z is when it comes to setting the tone for gaming and esports' futures.

Spectator Sports In The Time Of Gen Z

Following sports matches isn't only worthwhile when placing a sports bet in the safest online casino Australia. As a matter of fact, businesses need to start adjusting to the different ways Gen Z follows sports events. To connect and interact with Generation Z, sports media companies must use social and digital channels and podcasts. The social media platform has entered the sports distribution business by providing highlights, behind-the-scenes content, and even complete games.

Make Stable Money Playing

With the rise of esports, live streaming is ready for a new generation of streamers to turn their expertise into revenue. Generation Z also sees games as a way to make money just by doing what they love. Especially for serious gamers, the acquisition and sale of in-app purchases such as mods, weapons, and skills is an additional motivation for mastering the game to provide extra engagement and possibly, money.

Gen Z Players Are Going To Be Treated Like Professional Athletes

As live-game streaming platforms continue to gain more users, gamers are bound to be wooed into signing deals with big gaming companies. Smart brands are finding clever ways to appeal to Generation Z, but that doesn't necessarily mean they exist in video games and video game systems. Instead, it may mean displaying where the game conversation is taking places, such as YouTube or Twitch. Brands can create Twitch streams and find ways to improve the lives of gamers by delivering food using any courier-service app.

To summarise; for other generations, it can be difficult to grasp exactly what Gen Z is. There is a consensus that Gen Z is lonely, but that could be a real misunderstanding. Instead, social interactions may have evolved in ways that were not initially considered social. Connecting online and via video games is another type of connection, but this is how Generation Z grows. Sure, their world might seem a bit futuristic for older Millennials, but hey, they're basically going to be the prime target audience for all businesses; they deserve the spotlight.

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