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Here is how you can calculate EER nutrition

  • Written by Aneeq Gill

How can you define estimated energy in the easiest manner? If you talk about the definition of estimated energy requirement, it is a simple one to understand. The human body performs various tasks during the course of the day. For instance, when we get up, most of us take a walk or go to the gym. In other words, energy is required to complete different activities during every 24 hours. The energy required to perform these tasks is called EER (Estimated Energy Requirement).


How can you get the right EER nutrition?

The requirement of energy cannot be the same for two people. One person who goes to the gym regularly may require a lot more stamina that someone who does not exercise at all. His diet would be different as well. Professional body builders and fitness experts consume a lot of proteins so that they can meet the physical demands. The same cannot be said for a normal office going person. He would not have to consume proteins and high fiber diet options.

  • The EER nutrition factor defines what you need to eat to meet your day to day demands. In other words, it helps people in creating the right diet plan. A lot of people struggle with low energy problems. They get tired during the course of the day. Why is that so? There can be several reasons but the most common one is not consuming the correct food options. We can reconsider the example of fitness professionals.

They have to keep their body in the right shape at all times. Some of them even compete at the professional level so the requirement increases further. With correct evaluation of EER nutrition, it becomes a lot easier for them to decide what they should include in the plan. Similarly, even if you are leading a normal life, a certain energy requirement is needed to complete the day to day goals.


How to calculate EER?

When the question “how to calculate EER” would come to your mind, several alternatives can be taken into consideration. You can use the EER equation, enter values and perform complex evaluations. Is the best way out? The answer to this question is no. These days, no one has the time to perform calculations using manual methods. You can select a good EER calculator and make things a lot more manageable.

The following short process is used to determine EER (Estimated Energy Requirement) using an online calculator.

  • Entering the inputs for determining EER


A number of inputs are used to evaluate the value of EER. One of them is the gender. EER values differ on the basis of gender. If a male of 28 years has a particular EER value, it would not be the same as a female of the same age group. Similarly, you need to enter the age which is another factor involved in evaluating EER (estimated energy requirement). Other than that, the height and height also has to be provided.


  • Opting for the appropriate physical activity


The requirement of energy depends a lot on the activities that people perform during the course of the day. The energy requirement can increase as well as decrease according to physical activities that an individual goes through. There are several options which you can go through. Fitness professionals usually fall in the “very active” category. This is simply because these professionals work out on regular basis. As a result, their EER nutrition factor gets impacted as well. Someone who falls in the “low active” category will not require the same level of nutrition as a person who is highly active. Calculate your estimated energy requirement on the basis of these entered inputs.


Looking at the calculation of EER (Estimated Energy Requirement)


It is important to have a look at an example to see how EER is calculated. Suppose that we have the following set of inputs.

Gender = male

Age = 29

Height = 6 ft

Weight = 110 lbs

Physical activity = low active

To determine the value of EER, simple enter these values in the given text boxes. After that, click the “calculate” button to determine the resultant value. In accordance with the inputs entered above, the following value of EER will be determined.

EER = 2362 calories per day


Interpretation of resultant EER value

According to the above result, the individual with related input parameters needs a 2362 calories each day to perform basic daily tasks. Considering this requirement, he would choose his meal and design an appropriate EER nutrition plan. The right meals have to be eaten by individuals if they have to survive through the day without any exhaustion. There is no doubt that over consumption of calories results in obesity. Similarly, if the consumption is less than needed, an individual would surely get tired and be unable to perform his tasks.


Summing it Up

At times, we see people getting tired even before half of the day has passed away. This is usually because the number of calories that he intakes is less than minimum. In other words, he is not following the EER nutrition plan recommended according to his routine. To go through the day without getting tired, you need to determine the accurate value of EER (estimated energy requirement). There are several alternatives that users have to determine this value. One option is knowing the formula inside out, inserting the values and then finding out the value of EER.

In terms of both time and efficiency, this option is not easy to execute. Most people would not have enough knowledge about the EER calculation process. Therefore, using an online calculator would work well for them. Users do not need to have any mathematical knowledge to use this tool and he only has to enter the inputs. Even if he does not have any knowledge of the formula being used, no difference will be made. In addition to that, using a good tool means that you can be sure about getting the correct EER value.


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