Do You Have What It Takes to Play Online Like A True Expert?

  • Written by Gentlemen

In movies like "The Card Counter," we've seen gamblers play poker with great finesse. We have a clear idea of what a pro gambler is, whether he's at the table playing his game, hanging out with billionaire players, or getting beaten by a bunch of casino thugs. It would be great if we could win like him.

People who love the game dream of turning their hobby into a career. The good news is, success always leaves clues. Professional gamblers have unique qualities that will tell you what it takes to play like a true expert. You can model these traits and become an expert yourself, beating online casinos at their own game.

They know the risks and are not afraid of taking them.

Pro gamblers understand the mathematical odds of any game they play and the risks. If you look at some of the most famous gamblers in the world like Edward O. Thorp, Bill Benter, and Bill Kaplan, they all have analytical minds and mathematical skills that they used to amass a fortune in gambling.

While expert gamblers understand the risks, they're also not afraid of taking them. They know that rewards only come from taking some risks. The main difference between a professional vs. a frustrated gambler is they know how to position themselves in positive expectation situations with skill.

They are dedicated to their craft.

Would you enjoy a game if you didn't know how it works? The same principle applies to gambling. Pro gamblers consistently hone their craft for hundreds of hours. This is why they can bring out the game's full potential and enjoy it.

Take Phil Ivey Jr. as an example, the guy regarded as the Tiger Woods of Poker. Ivey used edge sorting to win his $9.6 million from the Borgata Casino's baccarat table. This technique involves making mental notes of subtle differences on the back of each card to identify them as low or high when dealt with.

They are easily likeable.

You've seen this in movies, where pro gamblers are portrayed as personable people, and they got it right. While you may think this is irrelevant, you'll be surprised that true gambling experts have great people skills.

Why? Because when people like you, you win. More money flows around the table if people like the atmosphere you're giving out, and cocktail waitresses will take good care of you. You may even get better perks from a casino host if she likes you.

They handle their emotions well.

True experts think with their heads, not with their hearts. In short, they keep their cool. Gambling is very stimulating and highly addictive. Losing huge sums of money can make players flustered, but winning can be just as dangerous to the inexperienced gamblers. Many gamblers have overstayed their welcome and lost their fortunes in a matter of minutes.

Gambling can be highly rewarding but incredibly risky as well. To be a true expert, you need to develop an extraordinary level of skill and character.

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